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How to Lose Weight Intensively with Bitter Melon

 Lose weight with bitter melon has been scientifically proven to be highly effective, safe and without side effects. This weight loss used in many countries particularly Japan, China and America.
The important point of using bitter melon during weight loss is that you do not need to diet. This is considered good news for a lot of women are unhappy with the strict diet to reduce belly a few inches.
When losing weight by bitter melon, you can eat everything, eat how much you like. In addition to sleeping, your workout is not as difficult as before.
Reason bitter melon can help you lose weight because this fruit inhibitory effects of PPAR agencies, the main cause of diabetes and high cholesterol, defeating the original fat and waste them quickly, thoroughly from the body.

Why bitter melon helps to lose weight?
In bitter melon fruit contains a number of substances that work to reduce blood sugar levels, help prevent cancer and weight loss.
Components of bitter melon include: protid glucid, cellulose, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin B1 and vitamin C and amino acids such as adenine, betaine.
With ingredients such bitter melon works super speed weight loss; reduce fat in the thighs, abdomen, and shoulders very effective.
Eating bitter melon often help stabilize and lower blood sugar.
Reducing blood fat, fatty liver, kidneys
Limiting artery blockage
Lose weight, lose belly fat mainly, and fat back, shoulders, neck.

Use bitter melon how to lose weight effectively?
To lose weight with bitter melon fruit you can use these foods daily in dishes such as bitter gourd fried eggs, stuffed bitter melon soup.
You can also homemade bitter melon tea help you lose weight quickly.

10 Bitter melon fruit
Cut bitter gourd into thin slices and dried out and place in sealed container until use.
When you grab a handful drinking bitter melon tea dried and mixed. Drink about 800ml a day to achieve effective weight loss.
Wisdom bitter melon tea is effective not only loses weight but also helps clear heat, detoxify effectively. You can also use bitter melon tea is very good for treating acne.
Bitter melon juice

1 bitter melon fruit
A little ice
1 bit of lemon juice
A teaspoon of honey
Bitter melon washed clean, sliced ​​just right
Take a blender grind with water and then filter or directly by pressing juicer.
 After getting bitter melon juice you add a little lemon and honey to stir, add ice for easy drinking.

Bitter melon minimum amount that you need to give your body a day to lose weight effectively is from 2-3 fruit. You should remember washed, seeded and eaten raw like other fruits to achieve the best performance.

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