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With a full fat belly makes you lack of confidence leads to much affect to health and life. So, how to lose belly fat fast?
One of the reasons that you have oversized round 2 is due to unscientific eating habits. Starting by adjusting diet and add some following tips will help you get smart diet contributes to reduce belly fat quickly bring to you round 2 most attractive.

1. Drink water with lemon before breakfast 30 minutes

Lemon is one of those top foods that help reduce belly fat thanks to vitamin C to boost metabolism promote digestion, eliminate fat more quickly.
Combined with Honey that has low energy brings vitamin mineral needed to avoid effective appetite suppressant.
This combination is the solution lose belly fat fast without compromising health, every morning you just about 300 ml of water mixed with lemon, 2 tablespoons of honey taken before breakfast 30 minutes, persist done in about 1 month time you will notice the difference.

2.  Breakfast with chocolate

According to the research results of Professor Daniela Jakubowicz (University of Tel Aviv (Israel)) have proven to assist reduce belly fat effectively, instead of normal breakfast, you can eat a chocolate cake every morning, because it guarantees to provide you the necessary energy about 600calo including proteins and sugars that will help you control your appetite throughout the day.

3. Eating vegetables salad appetizer before a meal

By eating salad vegetables before eating other foods in your diet will provide you with sufficient water content, vitamins, minerals, fiber, especially good for the digestive system gives you the feeling faster satiety, limiting appetite and eat less to help reduce belly fat faster.
In order to this diet tips promote the most effective, you should note that salads are not fat like cheese mashed, sauces, cream or fat ...

4. Use the small red dish

The use of small red dish works better support for weight loss with small dishes will minimize food and eat just enough to help you, and help you become aware of your need to eat drinking to lose weight.
Particularly with the use of red dishes effects weight loss is because according to the research results of the Italian scientists demonstrated that the use of red plate will eat less than other color dish. In summary the use of small red dish will help you eat less to lose belly fat more effectively.

5. Eating singum sweets before meals

According to a study by nutritionists Islands Rhodes University, the chewing singum can reduce calorie consumption, increase energy consumption by controlling appetite and burning about 50 calories carry weight loss results is surprisingly effective.
So combine singum chewing before meals with a healthy diet and regular exercise will help you get back round 2 slimmer.

6. Maintain a habit of eating slowly and chew thoroughly
With scientific eating habits, which will help absorb food better and remove toxins from the body fat easier and also bring special satiety, food restriction loaded into the body to reduce belly fat faster. Maintain this routine will help overweight people soon get slender physique like that.

7. Drinking green tea every day
Green tea is considered as a beverage support weight loss thanks to EEG levels helps promote digestive system work better, accelerate the dissolved substances in the blood, fat oxidation, helps prevent fat accumulation in the lower abdomen, lose weight fast.

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