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4 Exercises to Help Reduce Waist Size

Exercises to help reduce waist size effectively. Round 2 (waist) oversized makes you lose confidence when you want to look skimpy outfits, sexy. Apply the following exercises to help strengthen health and make it is slimmer very fast.
Fat accumulation in round 2 not only leads to loss of confidence, but also the cause of some diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss plan is very necessary at this time.
If you have adopted a variety of methods, but do not reduce the number of measurements within 2 effectively you can apply some exercises for yourself below.

Exercise Afata
Upright, feet close together.
Raised his right hand across his head, elbows bent
Left hand on hip
2 springy legs: left knee bent forward, then lift the left heel up, and hit butt to the left hand side
Implementing change hands, change sides.
Doing this exercise everyday will help you reduce waist size significantly.

Exercise Padder
Sit on the floor with knees bent posture bent but still keep your feet hit the floor all the way down.
The head is held straight, put your hands up to his chest, arms, and shoulders a little broader.
Slowly raise the legs up so that your legs parallel to the floor.
Implementation of motion and body 45 degrees to the left, combining hand postures such as boating.
To implement the change

Exercise leg kicks Pisao Kick
Upright position, wide leg with the butt, hand held loosely in front of the chest, elbow to bend.
Lift the left leg up, knees toward chest.
Horizontal rotation right foot, left foot and kicked sideways, parallel to the floor, hands should be kept private, loosely holding his left hand to the side.
Do 5-10 times then switch legs.
This exercise is very good for your health and it also makes your waist thinner.

Exercise Windshield Wiper
Supine position, arms spread both sides, palms facing. Note to manually lower the shoulder a bit.
Close your legs together and stretched out his legs so that the legs with the body forming the right angle of 90 degrees.
Tighten the abdominal muscles; push your legs tilt to the right, hold for 5 seconds then return leg posture straight upwards. Continue to switch sides.

To lose weight successfully you need patience perform exercises regularly and continuously. In addition, combining exercise with diet and proper rest in order to achieve the highest results.
Besides, you should also stay away from stimulants such as cigarettes, beer, wine and snacks, canned goods and bottled soft drinks.

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